What We Inspect

A home inspection is simply an unbiased professional opinion of the condition of the property, at the time of the inspection.


A home inspector is similar to a family doctor. He knows a lot about your body but he isn't an "expert" on any one part. So if he finds something wrong, he will send you to an expert for further evaluation. A home inspector is the same way. He knows a lot about home systems but is not an expert in any one system. So if he finds a deficiency within your foundation, electrical, plumbing, roof, etc., he will direct you to seek further evaluation from an expert of the system in question.


Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a formal, computer-generated inspection report detailing the condition of each of the items inspected.


Grading, walls, coverings, patios/decks, patio covers, sidewalks/driveways, soffits/fascias, doors/windows/trim, gutters/downspouts, retaining walls, fences/gates.


Foundation, crawlspace, footings & columns, floors, walls, chimneys.


Structure, coverings, flashings, skylights, vent/stacks.


Service entrance, grounding, panel & sub panels, branch circuits, outlets, GFCIs, circuit integrity.

Heating and A/C

Description, combustion system, A/C components, supply & discharge lines, venting,  ductwork & registers, controls & thermostats.


Main supply line, distribution lines, fixtures, vents & traps & drains, functional flow.


Attic, walls, crawlspace, floors, lines, ductwork, air & vapor barriers.


Walls, ceilings, windows, floors, doors, stairs, fireplaces, smoke detectors.

Major Appliances

Microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove.

Optional inspections

Safety Net Systems also offers optional inspections, including:

How Long Will It Take?

In most cases, the average inspection takes between 1 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the size, condition and age of the property. A full color, comprehensive report is delivered within 24 hours via email.

About the Report

Safety Net Systems is proud to provide the highest quality reporting system available. You will find our reporting system easy to read and the explanations very helpful. We also include basic maintenance and safety tips that will be a valuable resource for years to come.

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